Timber & Hardware Exchange

The Timber & Hardware Exchange (T&HE) is a business-to-business eCommerce system that provides business document exchange between trading partners within the timber & hardware industry, using the Internet.

The service provides trading partners with a secure, guaranteed method of transmitting and translating business documents (e.g. purchase orders, invoices, statements etc.) using the Internet that is cost effective and simple to operate.

The challenge created by hundreds of trading partners using various different back-office systems is overcome by advanced document translation. Translation of document formats on-the-fly allows senders and receivers to work with information in their preferred format without the need to change their business systems.

The Timber & Hardware Exchange (T&HE) incorporates any-to-any translation capabilities, processing files in EDI, XML, flat file, or any proprietary formats. Regardless of the format your ERP system produces, it is translated into your trading partner's preferred format. This process of any-to-any translation means you receive documents only in the format that makes sense to your systems.

The T&HE also includes a product and pricing catalogue, providing industry buyers with accurate and up to date product information and industry suppliers the tools for managing and distributing that information.

In addition, the Timber and Hardware Exchange provides individual suppliers and their customers with an online web-based ordering facility, leveraging the catalogue and Document Exchange to provide a solution for smaller suppliers and their customers.

For more information, visit the T&HE Web site.

T&HE and GS1net

The T&HE can leverage your GS1net data for greater savings and efficiencies in your supply chain.

The T&HE allows you to capitalise on the effort that has gone into uploading and maintaining your GS1net data by reducing the cost of processing invoices, purchase orders, ASNs and other supply chain documents sent to and from your trading partners.

Pacific Commerce is a GS1 Business Alliance Partner. Pacific Commerce is also a GS1net Certified Product Partner. Our Distributor GS1net middleware is certified by GS1 to validate and upload data to GS1net.