Pacific Health Exchange

The Pacific Health ExChange (PHE) provides suppliers and wholesalers in the healthcare industry with an efficient, cost-effective solution for conducting business transactions electronically with Australian hospitals and other healthcare groups. Incorporating a breadth of messaging standards for the health industry, including GS1 XML, the PHE ensures that documents traded between partners reach their destination quickly and accurately.

The PHE benefits purchasers, suppliers and wholesalers within your supply chain by reducing the costs within accounts receivable and accounts payable. THe PHE cuts the costs of printing, faxing and processing invoices. The more trading partners you trade with using the PHE, the more savings your organisation will enjoy.

The challenge created by hundreds of trading partners using various different back-office systems is overcome by advanced document translation. Translation of document formats on-the-fly allows senders and receivers to work with traded documents in their preferred format without the need to change their business systems.

The Pacific Health Exchange offers a proven eCommerce service incorporating knowledge of the health industry's supply chain and excellent user support. With this confidence, all trading partners can access a controlled, secure eCommerce communication and transaction system specifically tailored to the health industry.

For more information, visit the PHE Web site.

PHE and the NPC

The PHE can leverage your National Product Catalogue data for greater savings and efficiencies in your supply chain.

The PHE allows you to capitalise on the effort that has gone into uploading and maintaining your NPC data by reducing the cost of processing invoices, purchase orders, ASNs and other supply chain documents sent to and from your trading partners.

Pacific Commerce is a GS1 Business Alliance Partner. Pacific Commerce is also a GS1net Certified Product Partner. Our Distributor GS1net middleware is certified by GS1 to validate and upload data to GS1net.