GS1net NPC Nehta

GS1 certified GS1 Australia, in conjunction with the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), has developed the National Product Catalogue (NPC) for healthcare. This electronic catalogue is a subset of GS1net.

The NPC is the standard for data sychronisation with suppliers in the healthcare industry wishing to trade online with public hospitals. Becoming NPC compliant should be a priority for those suppliers intending to continue working with the public healthcare system.

Distributor for the NPC is a GS1 certified NPC middleware solution developed by Pacific Commerce for validating and uploading large amounts of product data and pricing data to the National Product Catalogue.

Suppliers in the healthcare industry can now use Distributor to upload their product and pricing data to become NPC compliant for tendering and trading with various healthcare jurisdictions.

Double-handling of product data is eliminated by Distributor as it integrates with your existing ERP systems to automatically upload your data directly to the NPC with no extra effort on your part.

Data to be uploaded from your business systems can be easily scheduled for automated updates or pushed manually to the NPC.

Pacific Commerce ensures that even clients new to the concept of GS1net and the NPC completely understand what is expected from their data to be GS1net compliant, simplifying what can otherwise be a daunting experience to the uninitiated.

To begin using the NPC, simply call us and our helpful consultants will guide you through the entire process of becoming NPC compliant.