Narta Trading ExChange

The Narta Trading ExChange (NTE) has been developed to deliver electronic document exchange services to National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (Narta) members and their suppliers. Through the use of a sophisticated exchange environment, we are able to offer a flexible solution to both buyers and suppliers, regardless of their current electronic trading capability.

Using the NTE, traders can connect to their trading partners through a single connection with advanced management services, providing both visibility and reliable electronic trading.

The use of encrypted SSL connections over the Internet means that communications are secure, easily set-up, and cost effective; while our full support for the industry's Applie-com document standards leverages the work done already in the standardisation process. If you are not yet able to use the standards, we can translate your format as part of the service.

A centralised, secure management environment is also provided via your unique login, allowing you to check document status, access trading partner details, transaction volumes and other support resources.

For more information, visit the NTE Web site.