certified product for GS1net GS1net is an online industry catalogue based on GDSN standards. GS1net allows you to store clean and accurate product data centrally to be accessed by your trading partners when ordering.

Communication of consistent product information between trading partners is vital to successful and profitable trading relationships.

Distributor from Pacific Commerce is a powerful data and business rule validation GS1net middleware system designed specifically to help organisations to validate product and pricing data for uploading onto GS1net.

Developed in Australia, Distributor provides a simple and cost-effective way to manage large volumes of catalogue and pricing data. It provides business rule validation for your product information ensuring that all data uploaded is clean and error-free.

Certified for all industries operating on GS1net, Distributor includes a full set of data validation rules and also provides audit tracking, comprehensive reporting and various configurable options for uploading data onto GS1net.

Filling the gap between your back office systems and the requirements of GS1net, Distributor is able to store any additional data that cannot be held by existing systems and can convert any data to GS1net standards.

Pacific Commerce can further integrate Distributor GS1net middleware with your back office systems in order to automate the process of uploading changes to GS1net. Simply action any of your data in your system (additions, changes, corrections, replacements and/or price changes) and Distributor will validate changes to your data and replicate them in your data published to GS1net.

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