In addition to being integrated individually with each company's business systems, Boulevard also allows users to customise the interface to meet the workflow requirements of their business.

Users are able to edit the field type, field labels and data structure on-the-fly so the effectiveness of ad hoc searches are optimised, easy to use and as relevant to the user’s business as possible. Data can be made easier to find in your system by using company or industry-centric terms for item descriptions that are easily understood by your staff.

Boulevard can feed product related content from your ERP system to your website with no extra workload for the user.

admin optionsAdmin level users are able to import new or updated data or customise everything from field labels to web content all from the one convenient location.

Website Integration
Boulevard can also act as an automated Content Management System by providing a link between product catalogue data stored in your company's ERP systems to your websites, to online industry catalogues and to trading exchanges.

The link Boulevard creates between your website and your ERP system ensures that the product information on your website is always current and correct, providing more information to your customers and potential customers without additional effort on your part. Boulevard can upload product data to your website such as:

  • images
  • presentations
  • audio
  • safety data sheets
  • video
  • product specifications
  • PDF
  • instructions

Implementing Product Information Management yields an average 24% reduction in the number of enquiries to customer service regarding details of basic website information.*

The need for an accurate, up-to-date and dynamic web site catalogue requires an increase in the frequency of updates. Unlike manual website updates, when using Boulevard you will not have to employ the skills of a web designer to make simple changes to your website content. By removing the extra step in updating your website, your company will be able to save significant labour costs in updating the website, and as a bonus your data will be updated faster and more often than previously possible.

Baxter ProductsBoulevard can be integrated to support the product pages of your website, providing your customers with up-to-date product information at all times.

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