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Boulevard operates as a browser based user interface in order to extend and enhance the features of separate ERP & CRM systems, centralising data to create one version of the truth.

Boulevard has been designed for use by any organisation or department that has to deal with the struggle of maintaining large volumes of product data.

Use and Integration
Boulevard can be tightly integrated with ERP and CRM systems to bring all product data together as it contains a powerful search utility that can interface with these disparate systems to locate, modify and export data in a variety of ways.

A number of searches are open to users with Boulevard including:

  • Product search
  • Category search with drill down options for each product family
  • Advanced search which offer exclusions on results based on custom conditions

Routine searches used regularly by users or groups of users can be saved within the Boulevard system for rapid access whenever they are needed, so reports can be generated quickly using the regular search terms and conditions.

Access to centralised, dependable data is immediately available to all your business units from the convenience of a web browser. Using clean and consistent data can save your staff time and provide greater consistency in branding, pricing, promotions and sales material.

Managing the vast amount of product data required for industry catalogues such as GS1net is made easy with Boulevard as it is able to store the additional data required that may not able to be stored by your ERP system.

63% of respondents that have implemented Product Information Management say they increased sales resulting from an improved relationship with their retailers.*

Advanced Search capabilityBoulevard’s powerful search capabilities make it quick and easy to locate specific product information in large databases by using custom search conditions and exclusions specified by the user.

Catalogues and Output
Boulevard has the ability to generate print ready formatted output from data stored throughout your business systems such as price lists, major catalogues and material safety data sheets.

Using Boulevard saves time for users in compiling information stored in separate locations and presenting it in a usable format. Users are able to use Boulevard’s extensive search capabilities to then export the results of searches to preformatted PDF, Excel or HTML files or onto CDs.

These documents can provide all of the information you and your customers need to know about your products, and can be produced in a fraction of the time required to perform the same tasks manually.

MSA Products pageBoulevard is able to export selected product information into pre-formatted documents ready for print or distribution.

For more information on customisation and website integration with Boulevard, click here.