GS1 certified Boulevard for NPC assists healthcare suppliers in storing and validating additional product and pricing data required by the National Product Catalogue (NPC) data that may not be stored in current back-office systems.

The NPC requires many fields of additional data beyond the core attributes in the standard GS1net data set for each traded product /GTIN. The challenge this additional data presents is that many ERP systems are not capable of storing all of the required information for each individual product and even the slightest change to any field of data can create hours of work in data entry.

This problem is solved by tightly integrating Boulevard for NPC with your ERP or accounting system to enable all extra data for your products to be stored within the Boulevard database. Additional NPC data not stored in existing systems can be stored easily and securely within Boulevard for NPC.

Boulevard for NPC centralises data from a number of different systems, so users can work with one united database. This saves time by eliminating the need to maintain a range of different databases which could quickly become out of date and out of sync.

An integrated Distributor module provides GS1net certified data validation for the NPC. Distributor eliminates double-handling of product data by reflecting changes made to your data in the National Product Catalogue. Once product data has been manipulated within Boulevard for NPC, it is validated by the Distributor module and data that has passed the validation process can be automatically uploaded to the NPC.

Value Proposition
For an organisation’s marketing and customer service staff that need access to all product related information, our Product Information Management system Boulevard will give them browser based access to images, prices, specs, audio, video, documents, safety sheets, etc. from anywhere in the world.

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