Boulevard is a powerful product catalogue management tool designed to allow organisations to reduce costs and centralise the management of content, pricing and product information. The system is customised to suit each customer's specific environmental and system integration requirements, and can be tightly integrated with industry catalogues, trading exchanges, and web portals.

Boulevard has been designed for use by suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, content aggregators, and any organisation that has to deal with large volumes of product data.

Boulevard ultimately provides appropriate information to different users via a range of media including print-ready PDFs, the Internet, industry catalogues, CDs, or trading exchanges and via an organisation's own intranet. Boulevard contains a wealth of detailed product information including product codes, prices, descriptions, and associated files in the form of images, technical details and packaging specifications. This information will then be used several times over by:

  • Product managers and marketing staff who will use the system to manage vast amounts of product-related data, files, categories, and catalogue information.
  • Other staff who will utilise it for their own use in product management, sales and marketing.
  • Supply chain, industry partners, or those in related industries via export of the product data to industry catalogues, CD-ROM, or trading exchange catalogues.
  • End users, who will access product information via the organisation's public website where the product data has been replicated from Boulevard.

Output from Boulevard can also be used to produce price lists, product flyers, material safety data sheets and major catalogues in Excel or PDF format ready for print. As the format of the output has been configured specifically for the company’s usage requirements, it will be able to reduce the time that was previously spent in creating these printed materials manually.

Value Proposition
For an organisation’s marketing and customer service staff that need access to all product related information, our Product Information Management system Boulevard will give them browser based access to images, prices, specs, audio, video, documents, safety sheets, etc. from anywhere in the world.

Unlike disparate systems, Boulevard integrates seamlessly with any ERP system, giving your staff and customers immediate, up-to-date access to your data that can be linked to your website, online shopping cart or product catalogue.

This is because Boulevard provides you with one version of the truth and is tailored to meet your individual business and industry needs.

More information about the functionality of Boulevard can be found here.